In dissertation writing, there are points that we need to meet and these are called standards or requirements. However, sometimes we call it the beast. For, it’s like an enemy that cuts our throat if we fail to meet it.  Yes, they are may be strong and uncontrollable but there is a simple and easy strategy to kill them. Do you want to know? Sure, you do.

Ready? Here we go. This is a secret only be revealed here. So, I warn you to be the first to share this with your friends. That strategy is neither a magic potion nor a sharp edge sword. Well, my precious readers of this post; you only need to get closer and know the beast. As they say, get close to your friends but get closer to your enemies. Once you are able to identify the beast. That’s the time you proceed to the process of dissertation writing.

1. Be like Lady Gaga when it comes to uniqueness of your topic. You work on your very own topic.
2. Be like an engineer when it comes to planning. You plan then write.
3. Be like a scientist in researching. You record and study the data.
4. Be like a hero in leaving a conclusion. After that you become a hero for a job well done.

Now, dissertation becomes a very simple job when done with heart and focus. Never underestimate the power of your brain when it comes to producing valuable work. Today is the time to know the beast in dissertation writing



  1. I like how you write your article. Keep up the good work.

  2. Thank you Mary for appreciating my creativity here ;)