Sharing the Structure of A Dissertation

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Whoah! It's nice to be back blogging in here. It's like being freed from jail after taking a break from blogging. While I was away, I stumbled this article talking about five basic parts of a dissertation structure. 

I was thinking this might be a good timing to share this article to University students. Before doing so, let me ask you a question. Did you ever know that there are five basic structure of  dissertation? No? Yes? Like I said, I am going to share about those so, definitely there are. Read through till the end to learn the dissertation structure.

Part 1: Introduction 

Reasons can be found in here of why you are taking the research.

Part 2: Review of the literature 

Full understanding of your research is found here.

Part 3: Methodology

Ways of collecting and analysing the data can be found in methodology.

Part 4: Results

Summary of findings can be found here.

Part 5: Interpretations, Conclusions, and Recommendations

These five are essential for your paper. In fact, one of the essay writing help websites mentioned that “dissertation structure serves as a framework for a properly-written paper”  

Note: For complete details, you can read the full article at Five Basic Parts of a Dissertation Structure.


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